Swim Suits and Bags - Update

    Parents & Swimmers,

    The Booster Club wants to bring you up to speed on the situation with the team swimsuits and the swim bags. The company that supplied our team swimsuits is working on refunding the cost of customizing our team logos as many of them have peeled off or cracked. Once they tell us the amount, we will refund that amount to each swim family. The suits cannot be re-stamped at this point and unfortunately, supply chain issues are causing such havoc, they cannot be replaced at the same price. The swimmers that received the all black suits will have their team suits this week (un-logo'd). 

    The swim bags have been on backorder and have been ordered three times! First through Speedo and then through a swim shop vendor - to no avail (sad face)!!! We finally changed brands and found an all black Arena bag that should be delivered this week. Once we have them, we will take them to the embroiderer and hopefully have them by Monday, Nov 22nd. 

    We understand the frustration and know this is not the optimal situation, but the country's supply chain issue has played havoc since day one and these are our very best options. Thank you for understanding. 

    If you still need to pick up your yard sign, magnet or booster club t-shirts, we will be handing them out to the swimmers this weekend at the Tik-Tok Challenge Meet. Can't wait to see you all there!! 


    Etowah Swim Booster Club

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