Janueagle/Senior Night

    Hello and Happy New Year!

    Before I start on Janueagle, please note that we, your booster board, are all parents of Seniors.  That said, if any of you are interested in taking a position on the Booster Board next year, please reach out to me or Coach Smith.  No experience necessary.  We will train.

    Tomorrow is Senior Night and Janueagle.  We will be honoring our Seniors at 1pm and would like all swimmers to be in attendance to support their teammates. We welcome all Senior parents to join us.  Warmups will start at 2pm and the meet will be live-streamed via facebook.

    We have a few volunteers that are under the weather, if you are interested in timing at Janueagle, please let me know asap or respond to the posts on our team fb page.

    Please keep a lookout for another update soon.  I apologize for all of the last minute updates.  Things are changing very quickly this season and we really appreciate your patience and willingness to help us make it through this crazy year.

    Cheryl Dallas

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