Good Morning,

    Please make sure to read the entire email, I have included many important details for the next few weeks.

    1. Attached is the list of swimmers attending the November 7th meet. I can only bring 33 swimmers. I plan on getting updated times for everyone this week to help them see their progress even if they aren’t attending this meet. Other meets this year will allow for all of our swimmers to attend just not these first 2. 

    2. Most of the merchandise has come in and will be handed out at practice today and tomorrow. If you do not get the merchandise from me then, you will need to stop by my room 4209 to pick it up.

    3. Raffle tickets will also be distributed today and tomorrow at practice. You need to turn the ticket stubs, filled out, back into me by no later than November 31. Please return all your tickets at once.

    4. We have a couple of “No Swim Days” added by the aquatic center. They are usually due to other meets happening. Please add these dates to your calendar. I will send out reminders a day or two before.
    November 19, December 3, and January 27

    5. Year-round swimmers ONLY, I have attached an attendance verification form for you to fill out and have your coach sign. It starts today and runs through the end of January.

    6. Grades: I pulled them on Friday, starting Tuesday you will be using your dryland time as study hall if you are failing. Swimmers failing after November 13th will not be allowed to participate in meets.

    7. Attendance: Practice attendance has been rough, please remember that your expected to be at 90% attendance to letter. Practice over breaks is bonus (However you are expected to attend) so that you can make up some missed days.

    8. Remind: This is my source for quick announcements, practices canceled, etc. Please join. Text: @2021ehssw to 81010

    If you have any questions, please reach out to Coach Smith at kaitlyn.smith@cherokeek12.net.

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